Shaanxi Fast Auto 西安法士特

Xi'an City China 2018
Wireless Dimming , Zone & Scene Control,Error detection

The Factory A is over 20,000 square metres, using the most energy efficient LED technology on the market. Following the upgrade, all of the lighting  is now controlled 100% wirelessly, using the ZigBee Intelligent Wireless Control System.


System Equipment List:

ZigBee Gateway-NANO  QTY: >45 pcs

ZigBee Daylight Sensor--INNO-SENSOR-826   QTY: >10 pcs

ZigBee Mostion Sensor--INNO-SENSOR-823   QTY: >10 pcs

ZigBee Smart Controller (1-10V) -- INNO610  QTY: > 460 pcs

LED High Bay 150W  with INNO610 QTY: >460pcs